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The Kamov restaurant in the Bonavia hotel has been pronounced one of Rijeka’s Gastronomic Ports.

Rijeka Gastronomic Ports is a project initiated by the Rijeka Tourist Board and the Abisal-Gastronaut company, which have jointly profiled the city’s best restaurants into categories by ambiance, offer, food preparation methods and additional services.

With delicious food and a range of other services for business people, Kamov has once again reaffirmed its status of an ideal place for business lunches, banquets and celebrations.

Bonavia has always been a synonym for delicacies, many of which are more famous than the hotel itself. The cookbook created by generations of its chefs is a treasury of flavours and a source of inspiration for new culinary ventures.

Although Bonavia’s iconic restaurant has changed its name, and is today known as Kamov, its famous green pasta is still on the menu: Kvarner scampi and pasta prepared in a traditional way are a speciality that every Rijeka visitor should try.


Knowledge, creativity and experience best describe Bonavia hotel’s catering team, and there is no better reward than the happy, smiling guests. Pick Bonavia’s catering for your gala banquet, cocktail party, family gathering or business lunch, and your guests will be delighted.
The catering service is provided in Rijeka and its outskirts.


The sophisticated restaurant offers both culinary classics and modern flavours of Kvarner. Kamov has always attracted guests who appreciate top-quality ingredients and service, so no wonder many celebrities find it their favourite place.
Mouth-watering flavours and unique culinary creations prepared with a lot of passion are the reason why guests keep coming back to Kamov.


Stop by for your morning cup of coffee, choose a perfect treat from a wide selection of pastry and enjoy the cosy ambience of the café bar Dante in the heart of Rijeka. On a sunny day, pick a spot on the terrace and marvel the view of the sea and Rijeka’s downtown promenade Korzo over a favourite drink or snacks.
Need a delicious cake to make your special event a complete success? Caramel, chocolate or fruit cake…. perhaps Sacher or cheesecake, you name it – Café Dante boasts a truly impressive selection!

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