The tennis capital of Croatia offers some of the best facilities for tennis pros and enthusiasts alike, along with the classy accommodation and a bustling nightlife

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Tennis capital of Croatia

Known as the tennis capital of Croatia, due to the tennis centre located in Stella Maris Resort, every summer Umag hosts Croatia Open tournament, part of the ATP tour. During the competition, the city is overrun by tennis fans. Some guests come to Umag if only for an opportunity to play on the same court as some of the world's greatest players. Some of the best tennis facilities in Croatia are located near Plava Laguna hotels and apartments, so guests can take lessons from the pros or just play tennis among themselves. Stella Maris Resort stretches along a green seaside patch north of town with shaded beaches, few more tennis courts and all kinds accommodation: bungalows, apartments, suites and luxurious villas.
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Tennis Academy

Situated right by the seaside, offering first-rate hotels and an amazingly organised surrounding amenities, bursting with greenery and additional activities, Umag Tennis Academy offers unique conditions both for learning and having fun, as well as for some serious work done by the pros and all those who want to become one. Programmes suitable for all age groups and levels of tennis skills enable all academy participants to enjoy an individual approach, to work on the particularly important segments of their game, and to focus on the details that are on the top of their priority list in terms of progress. Learn more

Cycle the 40 km long Umag Riviera (or a part of it)

A well-maintained walking and cycling path by the sea starts at Camping Park Umag and leads all the way to the magical Savudrija Lighthouse. You'll enjoy the verdant surroundings; pass a few nice restaurants and interesting sites along the way. Stop wherever you feel like it. If you don't feel like walking or cycling on your vacation, we understand, you can hop on a mini train connecting Umag town centre to Apartments Polynesia in Katoro Area along the same path, with few stops along the way.

Old Town walks

Getting into town, you'll enjoy the stroll down the two Old Town streets, the coast of Sv. Pelegrin, a seaside promenade filled with bars and restaurants offering a view with your refreshments. If you want to know more about the history and culture of the region, seek out the town museum, then visit the Church of the Assumption of Mary and St Peregrine on Trg Slobode (the town's main square) before exploring the art galleries. Explore the shops and chose souvenirs in Trgovačka and Garibaldi streets, then continue your walk along the seaside promenade that leads outside the Old Town and towards the Marina if you'd prefer calmer settings and stunning views of the bay of Umag. Kids will love the Aquarium just outside the Old Town that opens in May.

Parenzana Railway

From 1902 to 1935 a train line used to run from Trieste to Poreč. The 123 kilometre trip in those days took 6 hours until the rails were pulled out and taken to Africa by Mussolini’s troops (it never got there, but was sunk by a submarine somewhere in the Mediterranean). Bridges, viaducts and tunnels are still there and make for fantastic bike rides and hikes. If nothing else, take a walk to the Cupuli (Zupellia) station where Parenzana line used to stop.

Savudrija Lighthouse

Savudrija or Salvore is the westernmost point of Croatia, housing the oldest lighthouse the Adriatic, built in 1818 by a famous architect Pietro Nobil. Local stone carpenters created a 36 meters high cylinder shaped tower whose light reaches 18 nautical miles away. Supposedly count Metternich, a Habsburg nobleman fell in love with a local girl and used to meet her in the lighthouse, which adds to the romantic atmosphere of the location

Beaches of Umag

Umag has some of the best beaches in Istria. With all Plava Laguna hotels and resorts located right on the seaside you'll never be far from the beach. List of Umag beaches

The tower and the drawbridge

In the Middle Ages, the entrance to the city had a draw bridge and a three-story tower with a crown, whose remains are still visible at the lowest level of the buildings in Garibaldi Street, next to the City Hall.

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