Founded by Romans, loved by Venetians, Poreč offers a treasure trove of history and heritage paired with 5 star modern of its resorts and hotels.

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Euphrasian Basilica and the Bishop's Palace (UNESCO heritage)

Spending a day in Poreč means taking in all this history, starting with a famed Euhprasian Basilica from the 6th century, built by Bishop Euphrasius and an important surviving example of the Byzantine art. The surrounding complex is full of interesting pieces to. You can check it in 20 minutes, but if the mood is right, you can also spend hours marveling at intricate artwork from a bygone era. Main attractions are perfectly preserved gold-gilt and mother of pearl mosaics, still shining as the day they were put together. The largest and the most stunning is the one in the apse above and behind the altar, depicting a procession of angels around the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. Euphrasius built his three-nave basilica on the foundation of the 5th century church, parts of which are still visible in the floor mosaics of the northern nave. Alongside is an eight-sided baptistery, and beyond a belfry you can climb for a view of the seaside. If mosaics are your thing, do not miss the ones in the former Bishop's Palace.

A town full of history

The beauty of Poreč is sometimes covered up by crowds that flock from all over the world to enjoy the well known hospitality and attentive service this Istrian jewel is known for. But the beauty is there and it has been there since the ancient times. If you look carefully, you will see the remains of ancient Rome in the 2000 year old stone paved throughfare of Decumanus, the Marafor square and the ruins of the temples of Neptune and Mars. In the harbour you find evidence of the Venetian dominance dating back to the 18th century, when Poreč was ruled by Napoleon and the Habsburgs. The Venetians built the town wall in the 15th century, stretching from harbourside Round Tower (now a bar), to the inland Pentagonal Tower (now a restaurant).

Beaches of Poreč

Walkways follow the coast to either sides of the town, past numerous rocky and pebble beaches, some of which are near Plava Laguna properties. When staying in Plava or Zelena Resort, you'll enjoy the seaside promenade, but if you don't feel like walking, take the tourist train all the way to Trg Slobode (Freedom Square) and back. Pebble and less crowded rocky beaches around Zelena Resort are the most beautiful and by stroke of luck used mostly by the hotel guests, with plenty of spots for sunbathing even during peak season. List of Poreč beaches


If you never saw Venice, holiday in in Poreč might be a good opportunity, as there are trips from Poreč to Venice daily. It takes two hours to get there and you get to spend 5 hours in Venice, so it is wise to plan ahead. For those more into rustic charms of inland Istria, there are plenty of amazing locations you can reach within a day on a bike or with a car, just ask for some ideas at the front desk and tell them what you are into: history, art, sports, good food and wine. Istria has something for every preference.


Most of the nightclubs are situated around the city centre and open just for the tourist season (May until October) so everyone you meet in there is a holidaymaker just like you.


Drop your anchor in the marinas of Plava Laguna, the safe Mediterranean ports at the heart of Europe. Visit our marinas Červar and Parentium. Find out more

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