Year after year, the Plava Laguna Half Marathon continues to bring a good atmosphere and a positive spirit of sportsmanship. This has been the case at each one of the events held so far, and the last one was a particular success with over 1,100 participants, mostly from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

Check out the results of the 2023 Plava Laguna Half Marathon: RACE RESULTS >>

The Plava Laguna Half Marathon consists of four different races, designed so as to ensure that the whole family can enjoy a wonderful and active weekend by the sea:

Half marathon

The half marathon is the most challenging of the races, and it takes place on a beautiful course by the sea connecting the Zelena Resort, Plava Resort and the centre of Poreč. 

The race is perfect for runners who want to test their limits, experience the wonderful Istrian nature and feel the thrill of running by the sea.

10K race

Runners who find the half marathon a bit too much of a challenge, can participate in the shorter version of the race, starting at the same time and following the same course. 

This course has amazing views of the sea, the green landscape and Poreč sights, which are sure to motivate the runners during the race even more.

Family Run

A charity recreational race for the entire family that fosters team spirit and is packed with fun! The course is 4 kilometres long and passes through the Zelena Laguna and Bijela Uvala campsites.

The family run is the perfect opportunity to work on the fitness and improve the health of the entire family, and a great way to spend some quality time together, as well as to connect with other families who share the same passion for running and outdoor activities.

Pepi Kids Run

The Pepi Kids Run races are a fun way to get your little ones interested in running. The races are adapted to children’s ages, and they traditionally involve the best cheering, a visit from Pepi the mascot, medals and gifts for all participants.

Children can make some new friends, improve their self-confidence and fall in love with running.

Take the opportunity to visit Poreč in spring and spend an active weekend with your family in one of the Plava Laguna accommodation facilities.

Make sure to follow the updates about the race and not to miss next year’s Plava Laguna Half Marathon!

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