Unsurpassed ambience, unlimited selection

From slow food to fast food, from seafood and meat delicacies to typical Istrian specialties and ever-popular pizzerias – Poreč’s gourmet scene offers something for everyone.

Dare to try something new

The Poreč Riviera is full of restaurants with lovely terraces and food to suit everyone’s taste – and wallet. But if you want to try something truly original, ask for local specialties like truffles, wild asparagus, and seafood. Istrian cuisine is a part of the Mediterranean tradition of cooking, which has been proclaimed the healthiest in the world.


Fresh and local – this is the preference on the family tables of Istria, as well as in its konobas and restaurants. Ask our staff to recommend great local restaurants – some located outside of town – most of which are konobas and family farm restaurants where you can discover true local flavours.

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