Join Plava Laguna Club, start collecting points today and get immediate discount on online booking.

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Up to 10% discount when booking online at

After joining, you will receive membership number. Sign into your online profile, look for accommodation and find out the Plava Laguna Club price.*

Collect and use your points for your next stay

Collect points when paying for your stay and when paying for food and drink at Plava Laguna food & beverage outlets. Each spent euro is worth 1 point. You will begin collecting points after joining Plava Laguna Club.**
You can spend the points you have collected only for your next stay, and 10 points equal 1.00 EUR in value. Points last 3 years from the day they are collected.

Exclusive members offers

Find out what exclusive offers we have ready just for you, our club members. Your Plava Laguna Club online account enables you to view all special offers for club members, to check your points balance, to track bookings, and to change your personal information.

Get a chance to win a free vacation

By joining Plava Laguna Club, you will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize: One seven-day stay for two persons at the Plava Laguna hotel of your choice in Umag or Poreč.

* Subject to availability. One member can get a discount for maximum five accommodation units. 

** Points can be collected by all members who have booked their accommodation directly through Plava Laguna channels ( and Plava Laguna Booking Centre) and show their membership number at the reception desk.

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