Beaches in Istria

Istria’s natural wealth

The sound of the waves, cool shade under the branches of centuries old pines. You’re relaxing with a good book, but the sun is making you squint and it’s so warm you can hardly wait to dive into the clear, refreshing Adriatic. And why shouldn’t you? After a swim, go for ice cream or play a round of beach volleyball. You’ll be in the water again soon enough. Sound like a dream? No – just a regular day on Istria’s beaches.

Sea, sun, sea, sun, sea, sun... and much, much more!

Istria boasts some of the most beautiful, best-equipped beaches in Croatia. The Mediterranean climate, natural beauty and clean sea have made this Croatian peninsula an exceptional tourist destination. Considering that all of Plava Laguna’s hotels and apartments are right on the water, you’ll never be too far from the beach.

Beaches in Poreč
Beaches in Umag

The beaches are mild, mostly rocky, pebble or paved, and many are in the shade of pine trees. They offer modern infrastructure and amenities, and they are especially well-suited to family holidays. Since 2007, a whopping 16 beaches at Plava Laguna’s facilities in Poreč and Umag have boasted Blue Flags, an international recognition for high environmental standards, clean sea and well-kept beaches.

The sea in Istria is crystal clear, and the water temperature is perfect for swimming from May to October. Don’t forget to put on your sun cream!

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