Experience something new every day

In the summer months, a day doesn’t go by without one or more interesting events taking place in town or nearby. Games for kids, gourmet events, sporting tournaments, concerts and festivals, fairs, plays, street performances... All of these are organised so that Umag’s residents and guests might learn, see and experience something new.

Fun at every turn

You can lie out on the beach. You can also try an extreme sport, visit a music festival, try making pottery using ancient techniques, see a chamber theatre play, root for a sports team, take part in a tournament, go for an olive oil tasting, or dance the night away.


Fun is never far in Umag, and if you’re staying at one of Plava Laguna’s hotels or resorts, you will also have access to our rich entertainment programme, including everything from exercise, contests and workshops to evening show programmes, live music, and tastings.

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